Ceiling Repairs – GTA Smooth Ceiling

Along with damaged ceiling repair, we also refinish ceilings. If you’re looking to update a ceiling, whether by removing an old texture style, adding a new one, etc. we are able to do that. Many homes, for example, that were built in middle of the 1900’s used the popular “popcorn ceiling” texture, or what’s also called an acoustic ceiling. Removing this “popcorn” texture and replacing it with something with a more modern look can be a great way to freshen up a home or place of work.

Refinishing can also include sanding, varnishing, and repainting the ceiling all in order to make it look up to date and new.

If you’re concerned with potential water damage, improper sealing and caulking, miscellaneous damage, or are looking to simply update your ceiling then feel free to call us and book an inspection.


Visit the website of interest : https://www.ceiling-repair-refinishing.ca/