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Flaunt That Bronze Dewy Sun-Kissed Look All Year Long

Alas! The wait ends. Here comes summer and the sale of tanning products in Hamilton, Ontario shops skyrockets to an all-time high. In efforts to show some warm care for your skin and soak in the essential vitamins of the sun (Vitamin D), you sunbathe all day long for the perfect even tan and that dewy natural glow… You apply tanning lotion all over your body, you lay on the tanning bed, basking under the warmth, hoping for an even tan towards the end of this strenuous ordeal.

Quiet an arduous task to accomplish with high expectations from the brief seasonal rendezvous for a “tan-change.”

I think you’ll find these efforts seem to be in vain as some parts of the body appear to be excessively tanned, closer to a golden brown, while the lesser exposed areas retain the original skin color. Most times, the skin looks “sun-slapped” and not “sun-kissed.” What’s a local Hamilton or Dundas girl (or guy!) supposed to do with that!?

A Wish for that Elusive Tropical Skin Tone

Since the natural tanning opportunities won’t last long with harsh winters dawning upon once again, bringing with it the continued pale dull skin. A silent wish whispers at heart “Only if we were blessed with the climate of the tropics.” I can hear the palm trees swaying!

Living in Hamilton & Dundas – Winters are Tough

Residing in extreme cold weather conditions like we face here in Southern Ontario and not getting enough sun can have it’s truly depressive impact on the way you look and feel.

Today, with an avalanche of artificial skin tanning products and solutions available on the market, promising a long-lasting tan and a sun-kissed glow, I wonder, is effective skincare possible without skin damage or burns?

Wondering and pondering over the make-believe possibilities and assurances provided by skin care manufacturers, along with an unending list of queries pacing through one’s mind, such as the forewarning about the horrors of ‘skin cancer’, all you want is to look good, feel good, be safe and certain before trying out anything new.

The question that pops up here is, “Is spray tanning the ideal solution for that perfect tan? Could a spray tan achieve the desirable skin tone – minus the after effects?

Here’s where I unveil the beauty secret to a perfect tan:

spray tanned exampleWhy Spray Tanning?

Given darkening of skin only in certain places on your body is evident proof of skin damage already done, let’s come up with a brilliant way to cut the risk, and increase the rewards.

Thinking post-damage, only if spray tanning could have saved your skin from compromise way-back-when? To get a quick color fix for your skin, spray tanning is a less riskier alternative than tanning beds and laying out in the sun overexposed (even with a solid SPF sunscreen on) for hours at a stretch.

Benefits of Spray Tanning in Hamilton & Dundas, ON.

  1. Spray tanning is the most effective and safe method to get tanned without exposing yourself to the risk of tanning beds and harsh UV rays that cause sunburn, instead of a bronzed tone.
  2. Fine mist in the tanning sprays allow for even spread of the product and even tanning all over your body, without missing those hidden and delicate areas. It leaves no room for patchiness, streaks or uneven skin tone. Pure pigment perfection!
  3. Spray tanning gives you quick results for a sun-kissed look and a bronze glow, thus saving the need to bask under harsh sunlight for hours at a time (who has time for that?). Plus you can access the ability to stay tanned all year long. All you need is half-hour at your convenience for a visit to a nearby spray tanning salon, for example Belleve Spray Tanning right in Dundas.
  4. You can choose the desired results. You can choose the color you want to get tanned, customize your shade with help from a technician and then go ahead with the process. If you are spray tanning for the first time, go with the lighter color option for a tan before you choose a heavier darker tone. (You can always do more… (It’s a lot harder to go back – See Ross in Friends, season 10, episode 3)
  5. Since spray tanning requires no exposure to UVA or UVB rays, the chances of skin cancer is removed completely. While DHA ingredient in tanning products offer mild UV protection, it is important to apply sunscreen lotion before playing or heading out in the sun.
  6. Self-tanning lotions could be another safe alternative to sunbathing, but it can be a lot more trickier to spread them evenly all over your body, further dealing with messy towels and a greasy feel on your skin.

Spray tanning saves you the ordeal of putting up with any messy situation or the stickiness of self-tan lotion products on your skin.

Ross from FRIENDS gets a Spray Tan:

The worst you can expect of a spray tanning experience, which is an unusually rare occurrence is turning “orange.” To avoid any traces of the situation getting out of control, here are some things you should know before you say “yes” for spray tanning.

Do’s and Don’ts Before and After Spray Tanning

  • While it only makes sense to exfoliate your skin before spray tanning for an even glow, most exfoliates such as popular sugar scrubs coat the skin with an oily base, only for the tan to run off right away. Choosing the right scrub that will leave your skin dry and not cause streaks during the tanning experience is advisable.
  • Do not shave before your tanning appointment. As new extra-sensitive cells on your skin become visible after a shave, and when they get exposed to DHA pigment in the spray tanning product it will cause irritation, redness of the skin, discomfort, itchiness and perhaps in few cases, skin infection or burn. To save yourself from the after-effects of spray tanning, a 12 to 24-hour time window is advisable between shaving and spray tanning appointment date (good advice, ouch!).
  • Choose a spray tanning salon in Hamilton, Dundas, Stoney Creek, or Ancaster that is well-ventilated, since inhalation of the spray product can raise safety concerns. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the room and if spray tan product is stuck on the walls, this speaks volumes about salon maintenance. Read technician reviews before you hop onto a service.
  • Ask for an LVLP machine (that stands for low volume, low pressure) to avoid chances of over-spray inhalation. Wear protective nose piece and eye-wear before the tanning begins. A spray tan should be administered using an airbrush or an airgun.
  • Ask your technician if the spray tan product formula administered is “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS) by the United States Food and Drug Administration or Canadian equivalent, and doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals to cause side effects.
  • In case the tanning experience turns you “orange” instead of an ideal bronze, at-home removal of spray tan is pretty easy. Run warm water with shower gel mixed in and soak yourself for half hour. Water breaks down the ingredients in the spray tan and loosens it from the skin, that can be washed away in a shower.

Flourishing with your New Skin Tone: Conclusions

Everybody tans at a different length of time and most times, it’s got nothing to do with the products used or the chosen salon experience. It’s the speed at which your cells regenerate themselves that determines how long your spray tan will last, and you can do nothing about it but wait.

Self-care is the key to achieving the perfect tanned glow. Staying hydrated helps at all times and keeping the amount of moisture levels on your skin to a bare minimum can make the tanning effect last longer.

Do not spray tan again before the last tanning wears off by itself. This will make your skin look patchy, uneven and a tan darker in certain visible areas over the rest of your body.

Revel in the tan as long as it lasts, then start afresh only once its completely worn out.

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