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What’s that About Belleville Catering Services? (They’re Great)

A New Way of Talking About Belleville

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Belleville, Ontario catering service: Barn and Country Catering and Mobile BBQ are excited to help you with your next big event in or around Belleville. Surrounding area also perfect, from Madoc to Stirling, Foxboro and beyond.

I Love This City

I love going to Belleville, it’s a heck of a city. The layout (for the most part) is one of the better for a city of this size. In Belleville, you get off the 401 and can go north or south on highway 62. That’s sort of the main artery where you can experience the newer part of Belleville, and reach the older downtown. 62 South is downtown.

I typically go north, that’s where all the good stuff is, well, except for the mall, but that’s still technically in the newer part of town.

More about Belleville’s history here

Belleville Barn and Country

Finding Local Caterers in Belleville

I am hosting a business event later in the year, and I plan on it being a big one. I will be renting a hall in Belleville, but will also need to find a great caterer from the local area.

Checking out the competition, it seems there’s quite a few caterers to choose from in Belleville. I am narrowing down the list though based on several factors.

For my business event – A big lunch event to celebrate a breakthrough year – I want to have a buffet style meal with happy servers who can keep the food coming. Endless BBQ, perhaps. More importantly, I’ll need:

  • BBQ’d meats, beef/pork either is fine
  • Tons of fresh salads, as the girls like that
  • Desserts and tons of them
  • Experienced staff with smiles

It’s not too much to ask, is it?

BBQ Catering is a Big Deal in Belleville

At first I didn’t realize how big BBQ catering has become. Upon further investigation I can see that a lot of people are looking for this as a service. Sort of like ‘renting a pig to cook’. I even have a coworker friend who was looking for this for a family function. A pig on a spit, or a whole pig bbq is a pretty specialized discovery, but thankfully it looks like I’ve found the company I need, just north of Belleville:

Barn and Country Catering and Mobile BBQ

These guys are fitting all of my criteria, their website is https://www.barnandcountry.ca, on which you can see that they seem to take care of all of the features I am after in a local caterer in the Belleville area.

After talking with the owner, Kent, I am greatly impressed at their devotion to the art of cooking for large crowds, and their affinity for BBQ’d meats. I’ve personally never met a crew or owner more in touch with what the people actually want from their catering service in Belleville. I’m stoked for the event later in the year.

Barn and Country CateringBelleville’s Got Food

Ultimately, when the time for my event comes, I am pretty sure I’ll be booking with Kent and his crew at Barn and Country. It’s truly the most down to earth conversation I’ve had regarding local catering. Plus, the online menu options on their website are stunning. It really helps to paint a more complete picture of what I can be expecting when you can line it all up on one page.

For instance, the online catering menu form has all of the options you need to plan out your whole feast. It’s sensational. No one else in Belleville has this option for their catering service – That I’ve seen anyways. It’s a real time saver, and plus, the pictures on the menu page certainly help to wet one’s appetite :) .

So Many PiesOnline Catering Menu

I bet there will be a time in the not too distant future, where something like B & C’s online form isn’t as stunning as it seems now. But, for the time being – It is a game changer. It works if you’re looking for a caterer for any type of event in Belleville, not just corporate or business events.

Judging by the service offerings, you can see that they’re really quite interested in doing weddings as well… In fact, they may be perfectly suited to doing much of the literal barn and country type of weddings that we see a lot of in the Hastings County and Prince Edward County.

Having an outdoor wedding and need a white porta potty – Check out Jimmi Jons

With a barn style wedding, it’s hard to beat a bunch of BBQ’d meat and that true northern BBQ feel. I love it. Almost makes me want to get married again.

(Interestingly enough, my first wedding did in fact use a BBQ caterer, it’s just that for this one, it was in Caledonia, Ontario – Not Belleville)

Conclusions: If You’re Lucky Enough:

The bottom line is that if you’ve an event of ANY kind going on that requires a good feed and a good caterer, call Barn and Country.

They’ve simply got a lock down on the Belleville and Stirling area and will make a believer out of you. They have plenty of great reviews on Google and on their site to attest to their quality. Check them out!

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