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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy in Port Dover & Delhi, Ontario

There are a couple of things you need to do to keep a good set of teeth and brushing and flossing alone will not do it. You know what else? You may not like it but regular check-ups with the dentist are important.

Don’t worry about it, it will be easy, I promise. These regular check-ups are important to keep your teeth and gums healthy!

Regular Visits to the Dentist

Dentist chair

You wanna know something else? These regular visits can help to prevent strokes, heart disease and many other medical issues. I know you may not enjoy visiting the dentist but just a couple of visits could have great benefits for your oral health, and long term overall health.

These are all great things, makes you feel kinda silly if you are scared right? You have nothing to fear, dentists are trained to be gentle and have all the relevant anesthesia to make procedures painless. You will not feel a thing. Trust me, it’s better to visit and get your mouth checked out than ignoring something that will only become worse over time.

If you need to see the dentist, get up and go do it today! Yikes! This is where you start to consider who really is the best dentist in Delhi when planning your next dental appointment.

Oral Problems = Lost Productivity!

The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) has some numbers that tell us a whole lot. Canadians lose over 10 million of their work hours because of oral problems. If you are seeing a dentist usually it is for preventative or restorative care. What do you think these include? Well, most persons go for regular things such as cleaning, x-rays and fillings.

Some people may visit for dental injuries or other services such as teeth whitening, sealants, crowns or root canals.

Other Dental Expertise

Some dentists are trained in other areas of dentistry. Some people may have diseases of the mouth including cancers or ulcers! This is amazing stuff! These advanced dentists can also do things like straighten teeth or apply braces.

When you are choosing your dentist there are a number of questions you should ask so you can feel comfortable. Find out the following then you see how you feel:

  • Ask if they take dental insurance, this is a big deal and if you have a policy this can help you to save a bunch of money when it comes to your dental visits.
  • Check on their office hours. See if they these hours fit in your schedule. This will be a good deal if they have flexible hours that can match with yours.
  • How close is the office where you are? Do you have to travel far to get there? Is it convenient?
  • What are their options for preventive dentistry? You would want a good dentist who will ensure that you prevent any damage to your teeth. Damage can start early so beginning preventative care and also guiding you on what to avoid eating and drinking can help you too.
  • It would be good to find out how they handle emergency work as well. You will never know when something urgent comes up and you will need immediate attention? This would be a good service for them to offer. Check it out!
  • Most importantly, ask them about the cost of their services. Some of the basic services you would want to find out are X-rays, oral exams, cleaning and filling a cavity. This may help you to gauge your affordability or not. Really important!
  • Ask them what will happen if you miss an appointment? How will they treat that?

Teeth and oral problems

Dentists Office Near You

Once you have your answers to these questions and you feel comfortable with them, you can move on to visit their office, whether a dentist in Port Dover, or a dentist in Delhi… See how you feel about the surroundings. Do they have a clean office space? Is it orderly and neat? Do they have newer machines and updated equipment? Nothing worse than sitting in a cold steel patient chair!

What do you think about their staff? Are they courteous and kind to you? Are they wearing protective gear and gloves to protect themselves? Visiting a dentist office is similar to going to a doctor’s office so it is good to spend so time getting to know the dentist. It is not an easy task of choosing your dentist but you must go through the motions to make sure you choose the right one. It is a very personal service so you want to ensure that you choose right and you can keep this relationship for years!

Read Reviews

If you still want some convincing then you can look online for dental reviews or references. There are Google or Yelp references that can help you with your decision. Sometimes the dentist may have reviews on their own site but you should try to get independent reviews also.

You should know that a bad review doesn’t mean a bad dentist. Always review the whole review to see if it was a one-off case.

Dental Reviews

Good Relationship with your Dentists

One of the best things is to find a good dentist that you can have a great relationship with so you can feel comfortable with them. Also since Port Dover is a smaller town, you may want to visit another town close by to get to a dentist that has all the amenities you need. A good dentist will have all the equipment needed to make your visit as painless and efficient as possible.

Friendly Dental ProfessionalsSimcoe is a good town in the biggest centre in Norfolk County. It is  a great place to start and Donly Dental is a great dental practice that has everything. You can be comfortable with all they do and they make sure you feel welcome when you get there. You should go ahead and schedule a general exam.

What should you expect? This normally includes an x-ray and cleaning to start. They will evaluate your mouth to see if all is well. Then this is a great start to see how you vibe with the dentist and see how they do the job. You can see how they treat your health and if they explain all the procedures to you and any underlying problems.

Final Thoughts: If it Feels Right.

Ensure you feel comfortable and ask all the questions you need to find out the relevant answers to. Find out if you need any treatments going forward just to get a feel of everything. Remember information is key and find out all you need to!

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