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Freshest Lawn In Simcoe

Bold title I know…

I find myself jealous of the investment I had installed into my parents lawn recently. My parents are getting too old to remember to water their grass, shrubs and flowers.

My husband and I thought that a great gift for them would be to have sprinklers installed so they don’t have to worry and still get to enjoy their favourite time of day with luscious grass and blooms.

Finding the right company for the lawn sprinkler installation seemed pretty flawless, let me fill you in.norfolk sprinkler system

Lawn Sprinkler & Irrigation Solution

I always wanted to take care of my parents as they aged. My mom and dad took care of their parents almost full time and I think it was probably the most impactful memories I have as a child.

The sense of purpose as a child mowing the lawn and knowing I helped made me feel like I was mature and part of the “grown ups”… The tasty baked goods for a job well done were always icing on the cake!

It wasn’t just the fulfillment of the task that made me want to do this for my parents, it was the relationship I had with my grandparents and parents that made me want to follow this path. The time spent with one another after, bonding. Something that children nowadays seem to be lacking.

We have a newborn baby at the moment and the guilt that looms in my head for not following through with the grand idea I had set for myself wasn’t taking flight. I knew my parents were struggling to keep up with lawn maintenance and house chores. They both struggle with arthritis, back and hip issues that leave them unable to do what they love to do.

One visit my mom mentioned how her lawn in Simcoe, Ontario was drying out and the flowers and bushes were all starting to die from drought. That, pulling the heavy hose out from the back of the garage was too tedious for her or dad to manage every night. So their daily routine of sitting on the bench and enjoying their property has been less enticing, leaving them to stay indoors more often.

That was when my husband and I did some brainstorming on what we could manage at this time to help them. I knew we both wouldn’t have time to do nightly visits just for the sprinklers… So my husband said “Lets get a lawn sprinkler system installed!”fresh grass

Fantastic Lawn Sprinkler System Quote!

As per usual, these days, if you don’t do a quick google search and comparison you are hurting yourself. I only work or purchase from companies that have rave reviews, honesty, integrity and great workmanship.

Luckily we had a highly recommended irrigation installation company right in my parents home town, Simcoe.

They booked a fairly quick free estimate appointment with us that week. I was pleasantly surprised that we could get the ball rolling this quickly.

Now, I do like to judge a book by its cover so to speak. If these guys don’t show up on time, ready and professional… I won’t be giving them the time of day.

Worry free, they did not disappoint me with their punctuality and overall vibes.

Once we took a walk around the house and he measured what he needed to, we were told that he could either give us a ball park estimate if we were going to be looking around.. Or, he could email us the quote by the end of the day with the total project costs with product choices.  

This lawn sprinkler guy didn’t leave us hanging. We got an amazing quote by dinner time! Instantly we responded with “When can you start?!”

Lawn Sprinkler Installation Day

When I told my parents what we were having done for them, they didn’t even flinch to say “No thanks”. They LOVE the idea and are so grateful we wanted to gift them with this.

The lawn sprinkler company gave us a 2 day installation warning. He said it usually is just 1 day, but they like to book for 2 just incase they run into any unforeseen issues. The honesty and extra consideration had me knowing that we chose the correct company for the job. They weren’t going to rush themselves doing sloppy work.

By midday my mom had offered the workers a tasty lunch packed with desserts for a treat. She really is the most generous person I know…

While on break the team of lawn sprinkler installation guys filled my moms heart up with silly stories and banter she longs to hear. When lunch was over they all had a hard time leaving her patio, she really is an amazing woman to be around.

By 4:30 the job was finished! Zero hurdles all day, just what they like relay. They took the time to clean up after themselves and filled the lawn dirt back in wonderfully. My mom and dad said they were absolutely a dream to have around.

The lawn sprinkler guy spent a good amount of time showing my parents how to set the system up incase the power goes out and it needed to be reset or for seasonal purposes.

norfolk sprinkler guys
garden sprinkler on a sunny summer day during watering the green lawn

Summer of the Lucious Green Lawn

It is amazing the difference of having continuous lawn sprinkler system vs not has on your curb appeal. The lawn, bushes and flowers have never looked more fresh and vibrant.

Neighbours have asked my parents daily almost what they use on their lawn to get it so healthy looking. They pass along the company they used proudly and with confidence knowing how well of a job they did.

I am able to take nights off at home with my colic-y baby now without feeling guilty about not zipping over to my parents house to do a quick lawn watering. Such a simple task… That can take a whole evening. Now, when we visit we can focus more on quality time taking in the gorgeous atmosphere.