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Hydronic Heating in Southern Ontario

Hydronic heating is a way of using heated water to distribute heat through a series of tubes / hoses that reside directly underneath flooring. Through radiant heat, the hot water that flows or sits in these pipes expels heat that flows upward.

Starting with warm floors, then filling the air above, hyrdronic heating is a very energy efficient way to keep your floors and house warm.

There’s very little in the way of published resources related to this type of practical and affordable heating, one handy resource is this site that covers the topic fairly well.

Why Would I Want Hydronic Heating in My Home in Southern Ontario?

Hydronic heating is not only an efficient option for heating your Southern Ontario home, it’s also less costly to install than duct work, and maintains it’s energy efficiency and environmentally friendly status year round.

The benefits of this type of floor based heating system are that it wastes very little energy. The heat that is stored in the water barely dissipates as it passes underneath your feet. The warmth that you feel through the induction transfer of electrons is but a fraction of the potential energy that is contained below.

Further Benefits of Floor Based Heating Systems:

Another benefit is that for new homes, or homes undergoing renovations, it is minimally invasive to install. With joists and flooring exposed, it becomes a simpler task to install the required piping and hose work for hydronic heating. Much simpler indeed than installing duct work and all of the air flow components that would be involved in a forced air furnace situation.

How Does Radiant Heating Compare to a Furnace

Radiant heating may also require the use of natural gas or electricity, but it’s much more efficient in it’s usage. As you can imagine, the heat can only escape through the floor, and it’s not being wasted nearly as much out windows, and on inefficient home layouts.

  • Lower energy costs
  • Quick installation
  • Feels great on the feet!

Where in Ontario Can I Purchase Hydronic Heating?

If you’re in Southern Ontario, Canada, you’ll be pleased to know that a plumbing and heating company in Tillsonburg services the entire area below the 401 and 403, including Elgin County, Oxford County, Norfolk County and of course Brantford and Brant County.

BR’s Plumbing and Heating Inc is certified as an official installer of hydronic heating and would be fully capable of quoting on the installation of a system in your home.  Call today, or visit their Tillsonburg based location at 1 Vance Drive, unit 1.

BR’s Plumbing and Heating is also involved with crucial heating and cooling services like furnace installation and repair, as well as forced air systems and air conditioning installation. They are a great asset to have in your contact list for a number of emergency and installation type situations.

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