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Simcoe Contractors and Renovations

Simcoe Contractors and Renovations

So Many Handymen and Experts. So Little Time in Simcoe, Ontario

Have you taken a look at your basement lately?
Is your basement finished?
Does it need some touching up?
What about your kitchen?

As I understand it, there’s still lots of 1960’s and 1970’s style kitchens in Simcoe and Norfolk County. This leads me to believe that the odds are good that YOUR KITCHEN or BATHROOM may be due for an upgrade!

Bathroom Remodelling

While we’re on the subject of interior renovations in our fair town, we ought to look at what can be done with your bathroom.

Do you still have an olive green bath tub and toilet? Or is it that dusty rose colour that has been spotted in countless 1950’s bathrooms across the older areas of Simcoe…

Classic Bathroom Decor… Eww

I don’t want to single anyone out for lousy taste or unfortunate inheritance. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much work is needed in our homes. For instance, in the first home that I bought, I was thrilled at the state of the property.

My first home was in Simcoe, Ontario, and it was built in the early 1970’s. This timeline seems to correlate with A LOT of the homes in town.

I guess Simcoe must’ve seen a massive population explosion around then. (That would certainly have been a sight to see, whereas nowadays, not many people are having multiple kids… But that’s a whole other story.)

Our First Home in Simcoe

The house was a bungalow, and to a first time home buyer, it couldn’t have been any better. We moved in and there did not seem to be any pressing renovations or upgrades that needed to be done. All of the walls and flooring seemed to be acceptable. By my standards at least.

To say the least, I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to get started on renovations, upgrades, updates and hiring out contractors for a thousand different jobs.

This was a time in my life where if I wanted some work done, I would be eager enough to try to do it myself.

When You Realize it’s Time to Renovate…

Within a year of living at our new Simcoe, Ontario home, certain elements of the home’s design finally started to creep on me and my wife as being slightly odd… It’s only after you’ve been around a few homes over several years that you realize what’s normal for a bathroom, basement and kitchen – And what is not.

What is NOT part of a modern bathroom are things like these:

  • Olive green bath tub
  • Olive green toilet
  • Tiny one inch by one inch ceramic tiles… Also in olive green.

We did end up doing the upgrades to that bathroom ourselves. Renovations felt nice to do back then. It was a way to save money, and take a job into your own hands. For the most part, we’d go to Rona on Davis street for our building materials.


How We Renovated Our Bathroom

What we ended up doing was putting in a new white bath tub (extra deep) and a white toilet. All of the tiles were painstakingly scraped off. (Note to self – Never scrape off tiles again!).

The bathroom reno we did wasn’t exactly a professional job. But, it got the job done.

new sink installation

What We Would Do Differently with a Bathroom Reno

If I were to go back and make any sort of suggestion on that one particular home improvement, I would say that you should hire a bathroom contractor in Simcoe like Mark Acton.

As it turns out, he lives right around the corner from the house I refer to. It could’ve been a walk-to sort of bathroom renovation. Who wouldn’t like that.

Where I Fell Short with Being a Handy Man

Where I were limited in this job, was the finer details.

It seems to be where I always fall short. Let’s say for this bathroom job, that a nice modern clean and COMPLETE bathroom (as Mark Acton Construction in Simcoe would have done) would be 100%… I, as a solo do-it-yourself-er would have come up at best, around 85%.

Mark Acton Bathroom RenovationsThere were always finer elements of the renovation that I just couldn’t do. Trim connections – Like around the window and door, always fell short. It’s as if when I measure a piece of building material, it never cuts quite right.

THAT, or it’s operator error. I’ve heard that one before.

Why Hire a Professional Bathroom Contractor?

Where the professionals come in, is when they have plenty of people on hand who know how to tackle all of the elements of the renovation project.

In this specific case, a professional contractor would surely have been able to excellently install the trim. Which is one of the parts of the job that lead to it being 100% done.

Even in my current house, the newly done bathroom doesn’t have trim.

I think I might be allergic, but for the next bathroom renovation, I have a man in mind – And I know just where to find him! Right here in Simcoe, Ontario, the heart of Norfolk County.