Stucco Ceiling & Popcorners

I was strolling through Etobicoke just the other day when I came across a Stucco removal service called Ceiling Champions. Naturally when one thinks of stucco ceilings they get all sorts of questions in regards to what exactly goes on during the popcorn ceiling removal process. To answer just a few, read on!

Q)  Why should I remove my popcorn ceiling? It looks okay?

A) The main problem with stucco ceiling is the weight. A million years ago when builders thought that popcorn ceiling was cool, they didn’t fully understand just how much weight they were putting on the hovering drywall overhead. At a time when ceilings were getting heavier, and drywall screws were getting smaller and weaker, the heft of the plaster or compound becomes to much over time. As we reach 30 years into the life of popcorn ceilings, the impact of the weight has become apparent with sagging ceilings and cave ins etc. You should probably get that looked at!

CeilingChampions_LogoQ) Can I remove the stucco ceiling myself?

A) Absolutely you can try to remove your stucco ceilings yourself, but don’t get bogged down by the fact that on the surface it may appear cheaper to do so. Just like you can change your own oil in your truck or rotate your own tires, there’s something to be said for the cost of your time, and the confidence in knowing the job is done right. If you consider yourself to be a handyman, and have multiple rooms to remove the stucco in, perhaps it’s worth it to test for yourself in one of the smaller rooms. Give it a shot, and when, and if you’d rather hire the experts, give Ceiling Champions a call!

Q) My popcorn ceiling is painted, how do you like me now?

A) No worries, we still love you. A painted ceiling certainly poses a bit of an inconvenience to the popcorn ceiling removal process. Due to the fact that an oil based, or even latex based paint will prevent the water we use to soften the stucco material, the added difficulty becomes a formidable opponent to our work. It’s not impossible to get through, but it does add some hours to the job. It is always best to tell your popcorn ceiling removal company that your ceiling is painted in advance, as this arms them (us) will more information to accurately assess the time and tools required to remove that nasty heavy stucco from your ceilings.

Q) I want to be sure we hire the best popcorn ceiling removal service, how can you be sure?

A) Well, besides the company truck saying “Ceiling Champions” on the side, you really just need to have a conversation. The best vetting you can do for a company, be it ceiling repair contractors, or any type of handyman, you can learn a lot just by talking. Email allows too much time to prepare the perfect answer, where talking on the phone allows the true spirit of handyman improve to shine through. A stucco ceiling removal professional is always waiting for a conversation with you at: 1-647-855-3281 – That’s Ceiling Champions at your disposal.