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For over 30 years, Canadian Concrete Sealing has been the authority in the driveway sealing and resurfacing industry. A stellar reputation and lifelong mission to customer satisfaction has helped propel the Oakville based driveway company to become the premiere source of concrete sealing education and knowledge.

Snowy Driveway
Moisture is bad news for unsealed driveways

Education and Wisdom: With Experience

Stamped and pattern concrete are relatively modern techniques for shaping and molding pavement and concrete driveways. With this technically intense application of quick setting materials, solvents and chemicals comes an educational opportunity.

Only several people in the Burlington and Hamilton area have the proper education, knowledge and experience. This scarcity of concrete sealing information is an asset. Canadian Concrete Sealing is the keeper of this knowledge and they will use it for the end customer with pride.

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Complete Resealing of Driveways

After a couple years of weathering, a driveway starts to fade and lose it’s colour. This is part of the natural life cycle of a driveway, but still should be addressed. The intense ultra violet rays from the (so called) sun eventually break down the seal. Once this has happened and the seal is broken, water and moisture are now able to seep into the cracks and seams within the concrete driveway.

The moisture in itself is not an immediate issue. Though, as it dries, freezes and expands it can cause bubbling and drifting, even shifting of disconnected segments of the above concrete layer. This can be devastating as at first glance, as there is no apparent reason for the shifting.

The driveway must be sealed as a way to prevent the UV penetration and inevitable moisture destruction.

Did You Know?

  • Most driveways are made out of basic asphalt, not concrete
  • Stamped concrete style driveways were only invented in the 1980’s
  • The popularity of concrete versus asphalt changes as you go south. Due to freeze cycles
  • Paved driveways have the lowest amount of regular maintenance costs
  • Stamped and pattern concrete can be resealed yearly for added protection

More About Can-Seal

Canadian Concrete Sealing once was called Can-Seal but has re-branded. Over the years, there have been many repeat and regular customers for the company, that it inspires relationship building and personal connection old school business.

Website: Canadian Concrete Sealing

Having a ‘go to’ company for your concrete driveway sealing in the local area (Hamilton, Oakville or Burlington) each and every year makes your life easier, as it becomes predictable and stable in the long term. You can trust the company you’re dealing with as they wish to keep the relationship strong and healthy. It’s this incentive that allows you to know that the sealing job is going to be done right.

Because both parties are incentivized to quality and fairness.

Concrete and driveway sealing

Oakville Driveway Invasion

Oakville is right on the fringe of the GTA which means there’s some spill over from the mega construction companies. This tends to lead to some guys floating around a neighbourhood looking for quick cash. These are the fellows to avoid as they do not to intend on returning to service you the following years. They’re in the area to quickly seal an asphalt driveway and move on.

Their success is scale, not relationship building and quality driveway work.