iPhone Screen Repair, My Story

Please Don’t be as Stupid as Me

I had to call iPhone screen repair service 7 times!  With the same phone!

These are the 7 different ways I broke my iPhone screen:

1) You could be stupid and drop it over the edge of the railing at the mall
So I’m walking in the mall, and I’m waiting in line for washrooms. Why are washroom lines so long? Anyways, I’m playing on my iPhone while leaning on the railing, and someone bumped into me, and I dropped my phone!! ?

2) You could rage at flappy bird and toss it out the window
I’m sitting on my couch, I recently bought, which was like thousands of dollars, so I’m broke. Anyways, I’m playing flappy bird on my phone, and I’m almost at the end, AND I CLICKED THE SCREEN BUT THE BIRD CRASHED!!!!!! Then I got mad, and whipped my phone at the wall, I’m broke, how am I supposed to pay for this….? oh wait! I can sue flappy bird company and I’ll be rich! ???

3) You could be dumb and see if your fish want to play Crossy road
I was playing crossly road, and I was getting bored, so I went to my fish tank, and dropped my phone in the tank thinking: oh! Maybe the fish want a turn!
I was wrong…?+?=?


4) This one is self explanatory
You could test your life proof case, and smash it on the ground and forgot to put the case on your phone….

5) Your dog could find it and chew on it
I was texting my friend, about macaroni and cheese, then I quickly went to the washroom, coming back to my dog hiding under the table, and my phone was covered in slobber and teeth marks, BAD DOG!!!!!!

6) You could use a ‘stylus’ (light pen) and scratch your screen
Let’s just say, I’m a dummy, and thought wrong….

7) You could be drunk and see who could throw their phone further
I was at my 27th birthday party that my bffs threw for me, I got drunk, and we saw who could throw our phone the furthest, I won! I normally wouldn’t know what I did when I’m drunk, but we took a video, it’s on YouTube. I’m checking how many views I have right now! 123, 456, 789! Wow! Whoops wrong video….. 12 views….?

I went here, http://iphone-screen.repair and found the repair service closest to me.

Remember, that’s why they make phone cases! Please don’t be as stupid as me!

Written by Brooke K