Don’t Be Lonely, Learn How:

I’m like you. I don’t want to be alone. I’ve faced the fires of loneliness. I’ve travelled the toils of torturous love trials.

It just wasn’t working. So, in a grand attempt to take control over life, and love, I looked into something very different indeed.

Looking into Black Magic Options

Have you ever looked into the possibilities of black magic? It’s awesome. For folks like us who are sick of the failures of a terrible love life, it feels like the next logical move. I mean, if doing life ‘normally’ has not won any victories, maybe the ‘normal’ life isn’t for us. In this alternate universe, where the abnormal becomes standard, I’m definitely opening up to the dark arts, like black magic love spells. I have done a lot of research (Not just the Google kind), and I’ve found that the whole process of love spells starts with finding your symbol or sigil…

You Black Magic Sigil / Symbol

Your sigil is the root and focus of the entire black magic process. Any quick and easy love spell requires a sigil. A sigil is an object or paper with the markings of a being or symbol of power, lust, love, etc. You need to determine which of these sigils is the most connected to your intended spell. (For example, we won’t want to use a hateful sigil for a love spell – And we’ll likely choose not to use the lust god for a black magic spell for vengeance, or negativity). Once you’ve found your sigil, your next step is to connect it to the seal/pentagram.

Connecting the Sigil and Seal to Energize / Activate Spell Process

For your energy to be activated, the best method is to hand-draw the sigil in the middle of the seal. As I understand it, you can simply cut/paste, place, etch or carve the sigil – But – the more personally attached or involved you are, the greater the transfer of energy will become. It’s like you’re putting yourself into the spell, so you might not want to cut any corners. Having this type of tip can be the difference between a love spell that works quickly, and one that either fails or is not energized enough. I myself don’t like to do anything half-assed, so take that for what you will, just know i am etching my sigil permentantly into the seal.

No Chanting or Recitals Needed for Love Spells

Hollywood has advertised an inaccurate method of casting love spells. With constant visuals of reading out of old scriptures, and chanting in harmony under a moon lit room with flickering candle light. All of this is rubbish and is merely to create an atmosphere for story telling. In the real world, for love spells, or any spells to work, all you need is your true feelings, wishes and desires. Do not hold back, or lie, as this can have catastrophic consequences on your spell potential.

Once your sigil is firmly secured to the seal, and energized with your will, you simply need to communicate your wishes truthfully and to a high degree of focus. Imagine you had this one chance to push the world in a direction of your choosing. THAT is the type of focus and determination you must put into your spell. It is SO important to have passion. How else can we expect to get results if we do not apply passion – A true want and desire.

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Targeting your Love Spells to Work Quickly

I realize there may seem to be a catch 22 about this whole black magic business. In that you must apply focus and passion to activate and energize your sigil… Whereas if you’d only apply that focus to the core of your problem/issue, you might find success rather quickly (And without all this black magic). That’s a great point, but maybe there are factors at play that make that sort of focus in the external world impossible for the individual. Anxiety or self-consciousness can be great detractors of focus and determination. Where a bold individual may just chase what they truly desire, a more timid person would shy away due to any obstacle encountered.

The solitude and isolation of casting a black magic spell, or love spell is where the internal power and focus are used to metaphysically transform the external world. That energy is harnessed by the Sigil in the seal to filter that internal energy outward.

It is the Belief in Black Magic…

Believing in the art of black magic and love spells is more than half the battle. It might be the full battle. By believing, truly, that the transfer of your internal energies into something outward and external is real, allows it to become real. Never stop believing that your focus is important, and can be used to help shape the world around us. Keep in mind that the world is definitely the sum of the spells that have been cast and believed in over the years. What if all of us together were to cast a spell for a more peaceful earth, and a harmonious environment for all. If enough of us were to wish for it, would it not turn into reality? I think there’s something to be said for the state of the world as it is. If THIS is the sum of all the wishes and spells of all those who focus, then we have some ill equipped and ill advised people out there making some powerful spells.

The sad part is that the odds are that there have been many people over the years who have cast wealth and richness spells. They don’t realize the collateral damage that occurs as a result of these spells. As these effects compound over time, we see entire nations become subdued by poor economies, and disastrous management of capital. IS THIS the result of poor planning, or the sum of too many wishing for individual wealth increases.

Spells: The Consequences:

  1. Detour destiny
  2. Unintended consequences
  3. Playing with something you don’t fully understand
  4. Harnessing unknown energies
  5. Summoning spirits of unknown origin
  6. Changing the future