Do We Have Any Choice When Trading?

I preserve that DNA and social environment have little or no influence on the sorts of people we become and the choices that we make when trading. We are almost autonomous individuals when learning to trade. In addition, we make our own decisions in trading and therefore we alone are responsible for all the good and bad that we do when learning through our ignorance.

After all, without freewill, we are little more than robots and cannot be independent traders at all. It is a commonplace in trading that “oughta implies can.” You can’t even begin to talk about trading, unless you assume that have freedom to choose from whom to learn, receive support and receive genuine trade alerts.

It just isn’t sensible to call cats “wicked” when they kill mice. However, we do think that Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson were rightly punished for their wicked behavior. Nevertheless, “commonsense’ views like these can be naïve or prejudiced. A poor learning curve can often have a strong negative influence on forming someone’s trading, experience, confidence and general belief.

So who’s to blame? Even if DNA has little or no influence on our trade education, perhaps we are still products of our societal and cultural environment. At birth, we are blank sheets of paper that are gradually written on by parents, teachers, the media and all sorts of other ideological forces. The influence of society on our learning is infinitely stronger than any genetic inheritance, and almost totally responsible for everything that makes new or experienced traders better.

This means in my view that it is nonsense to talk about some absurd blame game on human nature. This view I hold dearly. I can leave you with a thought “If a person is bad or good, then society is to blame, right?”

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